Eco Air Solutions

Eco Air Solutions: An Information Brochureware Website

Eco Air Solutions presents information about how best to use their products, as well as showcasing their products as a brochureware website. The website also allows for customers to submit an order on any Eco Air Products.

The contact page lists the companys details and allows the customer to submit any enquiries through the email form.

The footer follows the page to indicate the contact details of Eco Air Solutions under the customers request. All RKSites website creations are adaptable and allow for any website owners input on how they would like their website to function.

Use this website as a starting base for the specifications of your website. If you click the “Order Product With Similar Specs Button”, you can remove items your website does not need.

See this website’s specifications below:

Eco Air Solutions Website Specs

  • Website Development Products

    Website Development

    Website Page R1,100.00 x 5

    Static Navigational Menu R50.00

    Static Animated Advert Banner R500.00

    Static Footer R250.00

    Basic Quote Form With Emailer R1,500.00

    Email Form R450.00

    Website Photography

    25 Product Professional Photography Package R6,600.00

    Website Maintenance

    Online Monthly Retainer Service Rate R4,500.00/Month

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