Train Right

Train Right: An Education Website

Train Right is an educational website with a large database of information. The website has a secure client log in with a profile tracking system, which helps the client track their fitness progress. The fitness program has individual challenges which are generated in the administration area by the website owner.

The administration area has multiple functions such as: client listing and monitoring, bulk email system, an invoicing/receipt system, a client booking system, blog systems, article systems, challenge creator and editor, advert creator and editor and a training video listing system.

The client area controls the clients activity profile, which includes features such as profile picture unlocking as clients complete specific tasks on the website, tracking of each event the client has participated in, trainer booking tracking, event location systems, editing client information and favourited articles, challenges and videos.

There are educational forums that clients can participate in and give their view with the indication of the speakers ranking on the challenges to show their expertise.

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See this website’s specifications below:

Train Right Website Specs

  • Website Development Products

    Website Development

    Website Page R1,100.00 x 10

    Client Registration & Client Area Page R1,500.00

    Client Website Progress System R3,500.00

    Client Area Details Editor R550.00

    Dynamic Advert Slider R1,200.00 x 4

    Email Form R450.00

    Client Favouring Items Storage Page R2,500.00

    Dynamic Footer R500.00

    Secure Admin & Client Sign In Area R2,300.00

    Payment Gateway Setup R2,500.00

    Shopping Cart System R1,200.00

    Static Navigational Menu R50.00

    Interactive Forum System R550.00

    Website CMS Systems

    Administration Database Item Set Listing & Item Editor/Delete (Per Item Set) R450.00/Month x 3

    Administration File Uploader R25.00/Month x 2

    Administration Client Listing & Control Area R85.00/Month

    Advanced Client Monitoring Systems R350.00/Month

    Automated Quote/Invoice/Receipt System R550.00/Month

    Blog System R650.00/Month

    Event Scheduling Calendar System R650.00/Month

    Website Photography

    50 Product Professional Photography Package R11,600.00

  • Website Graphic Design

    Logo Design R450.00

    Email Signature Design Template R250.00

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