Hubbly Store

Hubbly Store: An Information & eCommerce Website

The Hubbly Store is an eCommerce website that sells products online with delivery to your door. This website has a comprehensive administration area that allows the administrator to add products, their details and imagery with ease. It monitors registered clients activities and displays their purchases, page views, questions and ticket problems. All pages can be edited, deleted and updated with ease through a content upload manager.

All products are linked to a review system and clients can rate the product under question. The review area acts like a blog where the administrator can upload video reviews, product information and much more. All reviews can be shared to other social networks from the review area by clients or the administrator. The review area has strict rule-monitoring to prevent client comment abuse, unwanted advertising and any unwanted content.

The Home Page has a multi-slider menu to allow the customer to choose their favourite brand and product category type which links them to the products page. The Product Page displays that specific products reviews, specifications, imagery and pricing. Clients can add any product to their shopping cart and purchase multiple items through an online payment gateway. The payment gateway allows the client to pay securely by means of credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

The payment gateway is linked to an automated invoice receipt system which will update when purchases are made and emails the client with the appropriate documentation.

Clients can track their orders in the client area. They can submit support tickets if they have any inquiries about products and services. The client area also stores their previous orders allowing the client to purchase their favourite item without any hassle.

Use this website as a starting base for the specifications of your website. If you click the Order Product With Similar Specs Button, you can remove items your website does not need.

Use this website as a starting base for the specifications of your website. If you click the “Order Product With Similar Specs Button”, you can remove items your website does not need.

See this website’s specifications below:

Hubbly Store Website Specs

  • Website Development Products

    Website Development

    Website Page R1,100.00 x 9

    Dynamic Navigational Menu R350.00

    Static Footer R250.00

    Payment Gateway Setup R2,500.00

    Dynamic Advert Slider R1,200.00 x 4

    Client Registration & Client Area Page R1,500.00

    Shopping Cart System R1,200.00

    Client Favouring Items Storage Page R2,500.00

    Client Area Details Editor R550.00

    Email Form R450.00

    Website CMS Systems

    Blog System R650.00/Month

    Administration Database Item Set Listing & Item Editor/Delete (Per Item Set) R450.00/Month x 2

    Administration Client Listing & Control Area R85.00/Month

    Website SEO & SEM

    Search Engine Marketing With Google Adwords R350.00/Month

  • Website Graphic Design

    Email Signature Design Template R250.00

    Vector Image Design R250.00

    Logo Design R450.00

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