Heavenly Luxuries

Heavenly Luxuries: An eCommerce Website

Heavenly Luxuries is an eCommerce website which is linked to an information website called Linda Shaw Astrology providing rich content for all their products. Heavenly Luxuries is equipped with an easy payment gateway that allows clients to pay with credit cards and electronic funds transfers and has delivery right to your door. The client can view delivery tracking through the client area, and all products can be delivered globally.

The website collects information from a database of products, categories and the Linda Shaw Astrology information database. This information self populates within the menus and product pages of the website. All products are monitored by the stock take system within the administration area of the website by alerting the administrator via email on stock requested by the client and reduces the stocks amount automatically on purchases.

All orders are controlled by an automated invoice/receipt program which is linked to a specific registered client. This system emails clients the appropriate documentation and information on each purchase, as well as directs clients to payment areas with secure payments and payment confirmation monitoring.

The entire website is easily updated through the administration area where the administrator can update any page, add products, add popular items to the home page, add information to the question and answer area and monitor purchase and page traffic statistics.

Clients can make inquiries on the Contact Us page which is relayed to a specified department at Heavenly Luxuries to help resolve problems, answer any questions and complete sales.

Use this website as a starting base for the specifications of your website. If you click the “Order Product With Similar Specs Button”, you can remove items your website does not need.

See this website’s specifications below:

Heavenly Luxuries Website Specs

  • Website Development Products

    Website Development

    Website Page R1,100.00 x 7

    Dynamic Navigational Menu R350.00

    Dynamic Footer R500.00

    Dynamic Advert Slider R1,200.00 x 5

    Client Favouring Items Storage Page R2,500.00

    Interactive Forum System R550.00

    Email Form R450.00

    Client Registration & Client Area Page R1,500.00

    Payment Gateway Setup R2,500.00

    Secure Admin & Client Sign In Area R2,300.00

    Shopping Cart System R1,200.00

    Currency Converter System R850.00

    Website CMS Systems

    Blog System R650.00/Month

    Administration Database Item Set Listing & Item Editor/Delete (Per Item Set) R450.00/Month x 2

    Website Statistics Viewer R85.00/Month

    Automated Quote/Invoice/Receipt System R550.00/Month

    Newsletter Bulk Emailer Basic R250.00/Month

    Website Photography

    25 Product Professional Photography Package R6,600.00

  • Website Graphic Design

    Vector Image Design R250.00 x 3

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