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Automated Invoice System Special

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Add a professional automated invoicing, quoting and receipting system to your existing or new website. This package can be added to a new or existing shopping cart or you can simply add items to the system.

Each invoicing, quoting and receipting system document is both emailed to the user and the website staff/owner. This package is uniquely create for a the new or existing website, providing a better form of security then the usual website package.

This package is adaptive to your websites online growth and will always be be formatted to your companies needs and challenges.

This Specials Specifications

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  1 Secure Admin & Client Sign In Area

A secure sign in area that includes password retrieval. All usernames & passwords are encrypted. Sign in leads to either a admin area or client area.

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  1 Automated Quote/Invoice/Receipt System

A professional automated email system that creates quotes, invoices and receipts on the fly. This can be linked to payment gateways. Instead of a payment gateway, banking details can be added to the documents. The administration area will list all documents and their processes to and from the client, which can be done automatically from the payment gateway or manually from the website administrator with ease.The email of the quotes/invoices/receipts are sent to both the client and the website owners email addresses. The email is set out to display the company logo, a html email representation of the quote/invoice/receipt and as a attached pdf.Quotes/invoice/receipts can have both the clients details and companies details.The client area will also list all that specific clients outstanding invoices, quotes and receipts, which they can view at anytime. Allows clients to pay multiple invoices at once or one at a time.Allows the website administrator to added a payment due date for a invoice. Which will email the client automatically a few days before payment deadline and on the day of deadline expiration.User manual included.

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