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Website Updating & Functionality For The Everyday Person

Give your website the functionality to control and run your online business for you. Functionality ranging from website content updaters to automated invoice, receipt and quote systems.

Each service is constantly being updated, giving our clients up to date functionality.

Let us help you make your business work for you.

Our Website Control Management Systems List

Administration Text Editor (Per Page)

The Administration Text Editor allows the administrator (owner) of a website to be able to edit all the text on one page per Administrator Text Editor. All data is housed for recall onto the website page.

R25.00 /Month   

Administration Image Uploader Cropper (Per Page)

Within the Administration Area of a website, the image upload will give the administrator (owner) the ability to change images on their website with ease. This image uploader comes with a cropper that allows the user to draw an area to crop the image to fit on that specific page.

The image cropper accepts the major image formats and reduces the size of the image to increase website loading speeds. The images are then stored onto the websites web server to be loaded into the websites image position.

R25.00 /Month   

Automated Quote/Invoice/Receipt System

This is a professional automated email system that creates quotes, invoices and receipts on the fly. This can be linked to payment gateways. Instead of a payment gateway, banking details can be added to the documents. The administration area will list all documents and their processes to and from the client, which can be done automatically from the payment gateway or manually from the website administrator with ease.

The emails of the quotes/invoices/receipts are sent to both the client and the website owners email addresses. The email is set out to display the company logo, an html email representation of the quote/invoice/receipt and as an attached PDF.

Quotes/invoice/receipts can have both the clients details and companys details.

The client area will also list all that specific clients outstanding invoices, quotes and receipts, which they can view at any time. This then allows clients to pay multiple invoices at once or one at a time.

It also allows the website administrator to add a payment due date for an invoice. This will then email the client automatically a few days before payment deadline and on the day of deadline expiration.

R550.00 /Month   

Administration Client Listing & Control Area

Adding the Administration Client Listing & Control Area into a websites administration area will give the website administrator the ability to view all client information and client functionality. It will also add the ability to resend a generated password to the client, as well as adding services/products to the client.

R85.00 /Month   

Administration File Uploader

This gives the administration area the ability to upload files to either a client or the website owned.

The client uploads can be found within the client area.

R25.00 /Month   

Administration Product Pricing Editor

Edit the pricing of the product and services on the website through the website administration area.

R25.00 /Month   

Administration Item Enabler/Disabler

Through the administration area, you can enable/disable products, product categories, webpages, menu items, footer items, adverts, slider items or whatever website items you specify. The Enabler/Disabler can be scheduled or related to a value such as a stock number.

R95.00 /Month   

Website Statistics Viewer

View website statistics on how many clients view specific pages, what activities the clients process on the specific page, where the clients are located and even what operating system and browser the clients are using.

R85.00 /Month   

Administration Database Item Set Listing & Item Editor/Delete (Per Item Set)

The administration area can list items of a database, and then have options to edit the item or delete the item. This will include a set of image uploader, image order processer, file uploader, text editor, date selectors, Item selectors and a search engine to navigate the item set.

This is restricted to one item set. An item set is for example a list of products or a list of categories of products.

R450.00 /Month   

Custom Calculation Pages (5 Per Set)

Get your website to do all the heavy lifting. Let us create a custom form for you or your client to fill in. These pages can either calculate problems automatically for your business or add additional functionality to your website. Let us know and see what we can add to your website.

R50.00 /Month   

Advanced Client Monitoring Systems

An administration tool that is added to the website owners administration area, which can monitor registered clients activities on the specific website. It can monitor clients tasks that they have completed, which pages they most visit and a cumulative client activity page. It also includes the cumulative client statistics on website activities.

R350.00 /Month   

Blog System

Give your website a blog that allows for the general content editing, uploading and deleting of all posts. Allow your clients to post their comments and share the blog post on their favourite social network.

R650.00 /Month   

Event Scheduling Calendar System

Events and appoint scheduling can be added to the client and administration area which monitors current events and allow clients to schedule appointments at available times. Appointment/event canceling can also be added, with a specified period deadline. An email system keeps clients up to date with registered appointments or events. It can be linked to a bulk emailer to allow the clients to know when a new event is under way.

All scheduled items are added to Google calendar to alert all Android and Google users straight to their mobile phones and Gmail accounts.

All general events can be added to any website page.

R650.00 /Month   

Newsletter Bulk Emailer Basic

Send scheduled newsletter emails to clients with an easily editable email that allows for text formatting and file attaching. Maximum 200 emails a day.

R250.00 /Month   

Customer Support Ticket System

This will allow website customers to request support from the website owners staff through a support ticket system. With inquiry prioritizing, file uploading and ticket closing and opening options for clients and website administration staff.

All information will be stored within the website databases, and as tickets are created an automated response will be sent to the clients email address notifying the client that the support staff is working on the inquiry. All tickets as created will be emailed to the specified administration staff.

R350.00 /Month   

Administration Control System

The administration control system allows the website owner to create specified access to which areas an administrator has control over with unique usernames and passwords. This allows website administrators to only have access to specified areas such as product creation and updating or bulk emailing or multiple options.

R250.00 /Month   

Questions & Answers System

Allow users to view previously asked questions as well as ask questions through a simple submit form. Each question can be evaluated through the administration panel and can only be posted into its relevant category to be displayed live. All questions are alerted to the website staff/owner via email once a user submits a question.

R350.00 /Month   

Administration RSS Control & Output System

Control and add RSS feed directly to your website, with specified naming and outputting unique to your website outputting. Allow your website to get news, scores and much more. With a easy to use control and creation area. The RSS feed sources and adding the items are not included.

R450.00 /Month   

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